Struggling is Meaningful & Enjoyable

Struggling is a state where a person strives to achieve or attain something in the face of difficulty or resistance.

Life is a struggle because “things are being loved, and people are being used.”

It’s unpredictable. Unfortunate circumstances may happen anytime and anywhere. No matter how old or young you may be.

If you think you’re wondering alone trying to raise your voice so everybody can hear you roaring, you’re damn wrong. In fact, you are surrounded with people who fight bloody combats in their minds between success and failure.

Whoever told you that life and success comes easy is either pleasing you, or talk nonsense. Life is a balance of good and bad times along with picking out the best lessons out of both experiences.

However, our main goal is to see ourselves happy being worth in a community. Unconsciously we want to be appreciated for what we do. It’s best to find your talent and spread it with the world. However easy it may sound, the previous sentence determines a life span of your whole life!

Whoever you are whether a Rich or Poor you are going to face struggles in your life. Don’t worry , Don’t worry if you are facing struggles in your life because Struggles build character.
Nothing is permanent, everything changes; and of course, a lot of things can happen that will transform who you are and have an impact on your Struggling.

# Make yourself busy.
Start working instead of worrying. If you’re just sitting idle, you will just keep thinking of something or the other, continuously running your mind, which will make you suffer. The same time can be used for doing valuable things.

# The problem is due to the another thing, that is expectation. The expectation and disappointment go hand in hand. And disappointment will give us stress and other worries.

We shall accept what we have at hand. We shall be satisfied with that. At the same time keep working tirelessly for the betterment of everybody, including us. Then there will be happiness every where and within us too.

# Make up your mind and look for another opportunities – Life can be full of surprises. You just have to see things which you haven’t noticed before. Remember, it’s your choice whether you see the glass as half full, half empty or no glass at all.

# Be Confident, Hard Working and Authentic. Nothing in Life is Permanent, both Good and Bad. Every Successful Person on Planet Earth, had gone through the phase of Struggle and Self Doubt, but to emerge victorious, you need Will Power.
Keep at it, don’t give up and never quit too early…..were the words of my mentor, that still rings true for me.

Ups and downs in life are very important to keep us going, because a straight line even in an ECG, means we are not alive.
Nothing in life lasts forever and that can also be a good thing.

What do you think? Your opinion matters always.


Got Misunderstood, Go and Ask.

Consider yourself exceedingly lucky if you have true friends. They are our confidence. After all, we need to share those fun jiffies with someone, which rather be hidden from our family! They make our lives easier, bearable in times of crises and more enjoyable in times of happiness and joy. Even their hurtful pranks or sweet scoldings don’t bother us, since we know that they will never leave our side during adversities and are keepers for life. Some of our most cherished and memorable memories are formed with them, which shape up our lives. However, since no real relationship is complete without conflicts between the two parties, there are times when we indulge in serious fights as well.

So, here is the list of some of the common reasons as to why closed persons fight:

# Misunderstanding

When you care for someone, misunderstandings do happen. It happens between two close people.

90 percent of all the problems arise due to misunderstandings, and ironically, they can be resolved equally easily. Misunderstandings are the key to broken friendships. You might have heard someone say something about you to someone else, and so on and so forth. Gossip spreads like wild fire. Some people are experts at exaggerating things and adding their own tit- bits to make the gossip spicier. The best way to avoid this is to confront your friend directly. You should trust your friend more than some other person who just loves to talk and intrudeinto the lives of others.

# Time distribution

One of the many reasons because of which people fight is the lack of time management skills governed by people. If you are in a relationship, you need to distribute your time between your partner, your friends and family. You should not neglect any of the above parties. If you spend most of your time with your lover, then your friends might feel insecure and they will start distancing themselves from you. Misunderstandings arise, and friendships break. Friends constitute an equally important part of your life, so it’s better to not desert or disregard them.

# Money related problems

Money is a very powerful tool, which can easily ruin relations. It will take no time to break a friendship which might’ve taken ages to flourish and bloom. This simple piece of paper is given more importance than anything else in this world. Monetary problems do arise, and are inevitable. We might loan our friend some money, we may owe them some, or it might be their time to pay the bill. Problems of such sort arise almost all the time. However it depends on us as to how we deal with them. We should not let money come in the way of our friendship with someone, because some things in this world are priceless.

# Jealousy

We can be jealous of our friends on numerous grounds, be it career wise or regarding their love life. Amongst our friend circle, some may become very successful in their respective careers, and others, not so. Jealousy breeds hatred. No matter how much we like our friends, we will start feeling insecure or inferior in some way, which might result in fights. Sometimes, we might start developing feelings for our friends’ ex-boyfriends/girlfriends. This will definitely lead to an unavoidable fight.

# Different mindsets

We might not always agree upon a topic of discussion or general day to day things with our friends. And that is completely fine, since no two people think likewise and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It is better to have a friend who has his/her own views and beliefs rather than someone who agrees with everything that we say or suggest. However, sometimes, this leads to situations where we cannot see eye to eye and find a common ground. Such circumstances lead to conflicts of interest, where neither of the two sides are ready to give up on their perspectives and stances.

Misunderstandings take place in various circumstances and conditions: at home, at work, between social and ethnic classes, between religions and nations. They can lead both to small complications or troubles in our everyday life and large-scale conflicts between societal groups and cultures. Here are small tips how to overcome from misunderstandings.

# harmony and productive communication

Always we are looking to win or to be proven right. It is more important that you should gain a new understanding, which Express that you are seeking the harmony once existed and get back to productive Communications.

The best way to solve any fight is Communication.
So, Talk to them and just resolve it. Because more gaps means more differences and that means losing that bond between both.

# Value their strength and motivations

What does this person bring to the table? How do they contribute to the world? What are the responsible for and how does that affect their prospective? You should remind yourself talents, skills, and values to help you focus on them instead of you.

# Feel their problem

You should be able to feel and understand the problems of others, which will help you to respond appropriately to the situations. Typically associated with social behaviour which leads to more Helping Nature of you.

# Determine how they judge others

When seeking theirs prospective you should look at how they judge others in hopes of understanding them better. Some people make based on persons people skill, are there problem solving talents, or how well a person can persuade and influence others. How they judge is a key to how they see the world.

# Consider their fears

All happy even if we don’t consciously realise what they are. Some folks fear not getting work done on time. Others fear criticism or afraid they will be taken advantage of their activity. Considering their fears can provide you insight into the misunderstanding.


Practice active listening.
Don’t believe in gossiping, go and ask to be clear to the point.
Discuss expectations.
Take responsibility.

What’s your opinion?If you like please comment & share.

Who Am I? Finding myself

It is not about my name or profession. Let’s discover the answer to this most relatable question.

Finding myself may sound like an inherently self-centered goal, but it is actually an unselfish process that is at the root of everything we do in life. The greatest and most important adventure of our lives is discovering who we really are.

If I say, I am a son of my parents in my family. As a son, there are several questions knocking me inside, such as-
# Am I helpful to my family & friends, can they depend more on me as I grow?
# Do I have kindness? Can I treat them with the respect they showed me while I am raising?
Happy Family Standing On The Beach

     # Do I protect my family from mental stress? Can I spread Happiness among them and enjoy?
# Am I well behaved? May I allow them not to get more stress by misbehaving?
# Do I use my knowledge to make a rational decision which will be suitable for everyone?

A few years ago I have earned a degree from a university. You can see as an educated person in me.

Do I follow the role of an educated person?

An educated person in any society plays the role of a captain, without them the world’s ship is unable to move in a proper direction. Education is just like the third eye of an educated person, that made him differentiate between good and bad. So the literate class of the society put the society in a proper direction, avoiding miss understandings, misbeliefs, and misinterpretations etc.

You can say me a citizen of this great society which provides us with a system and a platform to work together for the betterment of the world.

     Am I responsible for my citizenship?

     A responsible citizen has several kinds of responsibilities including many things such as shaping society in a better way, vanishing all bad things or at least trying for their reduction, and working for social and human welfare.

Let’s forget everything if you assume me as a human being, am I eligible for that?

     Humans are very special compared to other living creatures. In terms of brain power, they have the strongest brain meaning they have the ability to choose and write our future. Yes, animals can make choices too but not as clearly or as effectively as humans.
Being human is about helping each other when they are in need and growing as a species. It shouldn’t matter what religion, skin colour or nationality they are, they should live peacefully and with love.
Being human is about making mistakes and learning from them to improve their lives. They can also advise other people and spread knowledge and Encourage people, so future generations do not make the same mistake.


Can you help me out to find myself? Who am I? Your opinion matter, so do share & comments.

Survival should not be a way of Living

Survival of a person means that he/she lives in a critical situation which doesn’t allow them to live happily with a great satisfaction. Here is a small story about it.


Aman Bhowmik is an employee of a big multinational company. Aman needs to continue his current job because he needs the income to save his house for his growing family. That means while he is at work, he is contributing to the well- being of others. His commitment accomplish these financial goals, supporting his family and the lives of the people he cared about.
For now, getting through each day is a battle for Aman. Work is not that interesting, coworkers who make him insane, a boss who does not seem to have a clue how to manage people. That means he is not satisfied with his current job. Before he has changed several jobs but all the situations were the same, that’s why he is continuing that job.

2018-05-3111_42_52.436685-travailNow Aman thinks the way about to live a life being happy at work. That will be satisfactory to him. Happiness is the one form of life satisfaction. Here are some ways to find that meaning.

#Way I
No matter the situation of Aman, he is at his current job for a reason. He may not be absolutely delighted at work every day. But that doesn’t mean there is no higher performance in what he is doing. So he should take a moment to jot down all the reasons why he works there. On those days when he got down about his job situation, reflect his deeper purpose for being there.

#Way II
Aman should be sure about his character strengths. There are four character strength – a) creativity b)honesty c) kindness & d) social intelligence. He should have to focus on
learning how to use his strengths to inspire and encourage around him.

#Way III
Instead of getting frustrated about the current situation, he can find his way by connecting his past, present, and future.
Reflect on a past situation able to overcome after a whole lot of stress and struggle. At the moment these were probably tough situations. Now he can look back and see how it turned into something good, whether it was a better job, boosted confidence or a well-connected network.
Now Aman can imagine a future he will no longer doing a job, where he will be able to continue pursuing his goals, where he will finally have a career that provides both meanings of life and happiness.
Buy reflecting on the past and connecting it to the future, he can make his present circumstances more bearable.

Sometimes we really benefit from challenging, stressful and yes, even unhappy situations. Try these three strategies to look at your work life through a new lens, and realize by creating the meaning of life you can also create satisfaction at your work.


Thank you for contributing your valuable time for this post. What’s your opinion? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Encouragement accelerates the growth with creativity


One of my friend, Niranjan who is a teacher by profession in a school nearby. One day during teaching mathematics in 8th standard, he gave some mathematical problem to solve.

After 15 minutes, he was checking their notebooks. A boy, Anikesh among all the students solved the problem in a different way which is correct and Niranjan never saw before. Another all students solved the problem, how he taught them.


At that moment Niranjan could have express two different kinds of reaction–

1. ” Why you don’t follow my instructions? That means you don’t obey my methods. You should have to follow whatever teacher teaches you. I don’t allow this solution next time.” Niranjan shouted on Anikesh.

2.”How did you find this, well done Anikesh. I never imagined the way to solve this problem. It’s a great creativity.Every teacher should encourage students with creativity. I am proud of you, keep it up.” reacted Niranjan.

In the first reaction, Niranjan expressed his ego & demotivated Anikesh for the creation.

At second reaction, Niranjan encouraged Anikesh and others to keep the creativity on. This motivation allows them to think in a different way.

That day my friend Niranjan applied the second reaction. Now not only Anikesh, other students also do finding creative way to solve problems & they are not afraid to do this.

From this story, If we relate the classroom as the world & mathematics as our lives, we can clarify the fact.

We all human beings are creative & we should apply that to make a better world. Do encourage yourself & others for doing great & valuable things.

What you want to say?

What trees teach us

Trees may have a lot to teach us about being part of a community and how co-operation is better for a society than competition. Scientists are only just beginning to understand how it all works, but we now know that a community of trees growing together share all of the available resources with each other. So, strong trees in a good position will share food and water with weaker trees that receive less sunlight. They do this through their roots, through the soil and also through the networks of tiny fungi that grow in the soil between them.

And they don’t only share with trees of the same species – any type of tree can benefit. A community of trees makes itself stronger by working together. The roots of giant redwood trees, for example, grow together under the ground. It’s as if they are holding hands. This means that they are much stronger when there are heavy winds or floods.

If we can compare our lives with trees, we can get better advantages from this planet. Because we have power of thinking, explaining & understanding. We should use these things to creat a better community instead of complaining about our expectation.

So, “Never complain about your life because trees grow happily at any situation and produce oxygen for us without any expectation. We should accept that fact and follow.”

A story of Humanity above Religion

It’s 7.45 pm. Rahul Roy was driving to his home.

Rahul saw a man who was injured in his head badly, laying besides the road.Immediately he admitted him to the nearest hospital.

When hospital authorities asked about his identity, he explained everything to them & they started treatments in ICU.And of course Rahul fulfilled all the formalities.

Now, hospital authorities asked Rahul to find out identification of the patient.He tried hard enough to do that but he failed till next day morning.

Near about 7.15 am, he reached to the hospital & enquired how is the condition of patient.Doctor replied, “he is in sence, but he can’t remind himself his identity.”

At the same spot there was a “Pandit”(called as Baba).He was very kind & heard the whole story when he asked Rahul. He asked Doctor if he can help to get remembered the patient’s memory.

Pandit asked him one by one,

“What’s your name?, In which area do you live?, etc. But he didn’t get answers.

Then, he thought if he could help to find the patient’s identification through his Ashram, so he asked…

“What’s your religion?”

This is awkward but here also same result.

After that Rahul thought, if patient can answer properly or not, so he asked him,

“Who are you, an animal or human?”.The patient smiled, & replied “of course I’m human.”

The enquires was going on till next half an hour. After that Rahul left to find his identity with his photo captured.

After some day Rahul founded his name & adress.The name of that person is Muhammad Rafik, who belongs from neibour city.

After Rafik’s recovery he got back to his home town.

The end…


1. Our religion should be “humanity” which is naturally told by a Memory loss patient. That means he can’t remind his name even, but he knows he is human.

2. Rahul didn’t check his religion before his treatment, he followed his humanity.

We should be greatful what Rahul did.