Got Misunderstood, Go and Ask.

Consider yourself exceedingly lucky if you have true friends. They are our confidence. After all, we need to share those fun jiffies with someone, which rather be hidden from our family! They make our lives easier, bearable in times of crises and more enjoyable in times of happiness and joy. Even their hurtful pranks or … Continue reading Got Misunderstood, Go and Ask.


Struggling is Meaningful & Enjoyable

Struggling is a state where a person strives to achieve or attain something in the face of difficulty or resistance. Life is a struggle because “things are being loved, and people are being used.” It's unpredictable. Unfortunate circumstances may happen anytime and anywhere. No matter how old or young you may be. If you think … Continue reading Struggling is Meaningful & Enjoyable

Survival should not be a way of Living

Survival of a person means that he/she lives in a critical situation which doesn't allow them to live happily with a great satisfaction. Here is a small story about it. Aman Bhowmik is an employee of a big multinational company. Aman needs to continue his current job because he needs the income to save his … Continue reading Survival should not be a way of Living

Encouragement accelerates the growth with creativity

One of my friend, Niranjan who is a teacher by profession in a school nearby. One day during teaching mathematics in 8th standard, he gave some mathematical problem to solve. After 15 minutes, he was checking their notebooks. A boy, Anikesh among all the students solved the problem in a different way which is correct … Continue reading Encouragement accelerates the growth with creativity