Let’s take a break!!!


People do their work because they are responsible to live a meaningful life. Some people just love their activities so much they feel like they are in charge. One of their important goals is the completion of the task within the deadline. It’s only for their mental satisfaction. They don’t care about the working hours when they get involved with the task. Sometimes they become so aggressive to fulfil the activity they do some minor mistakes continuously. Which does not allow them to achieve the goal. Why do they face that type of situation?

Listen to me, it’s time to take a break. No, I am not telling to go for a vacation, it’s only about a small break tea or coffee break like this.

Our brain works faster when we are not in a stressful environment. We can complete all the task without any error when our brain works well. When Stress becomes high brain works slowly which allow us to make some mistakes. We can refresh our brain by taking a small break.

When we need a break?

The signs from which we can understand that we should take a break.

1. Overworking

When we overwork, our brains stop paying the amount of attention which they are supposed to. The results are small errors that you make everywhere that you normally would not make.


2. Less sleeping hours

We carry a burden of pressures due to lots of responsibility. To fulfil them we always reduce our sleeping hours, which makes us very tired day by day. That begins to put the impression of mistakes in our activity.


3. Disappointments

Speaker disappointed due to some important reasons like missing target, family issues etc. In that situation, we behave irritably. We start to find mistakes in usual activities which has been done by co-workers.


4. Dissatisfaction

Some regions like job roles, salary issues, relationship with colleagues etc. Make us an satisfied from the current job. At that time we don’t focus on the task which was given to us. Naturally, our performance becomes very poor.


5. Overwhelming

At beginning of the day, we look our to-do-list before start the daily task. Sometimes we want to start crying, how we can finish these works. We become very overwhelmed, which is the sign to take a break.


What do you think? Share your thoughts.


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