Get motivated from Demotivation

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We are surrounded by different types of people. They can be our family, friends, colleague etc. Sometimes we got hurt by some of their words which always decrease the encouragements towards our goal. Often we quit the way we thought about. This is what we call demotivation. In short a motive which resists doing something towards our desired destination is called as Demotivation.

Affection of Demotivation

In many way we got demotivated throughout our life. There are some words always we hear form someone like “You can’t do that!”, “It’s not capable for you”. It happens only when you are surrounded by the people who don’t belief on your self-confidence. As you always believe them, you start to get hurt & due to less self-confidence you follow their words. These words always end up all of your positive motives to fulfil your dreams & vision towards goal.

Demotivation works like an inhibitor for self-confidence of a person determined from his self-worth. It’s a negative catalyst which makes changes in your good behaviour. Often you get frustrated in simple words. You become unable to make proper decision. You start losing your problem solving skills.

Why People get Demotivated?

There are many more reasons behind demotivation. What I felt elaborated here…

# Some people can’t faith on your self-worth, not because they wish bad things to be happened with you. Because they feel afraid about the obstacles are there as they are not aware of that.

# People make their opinion as per their experience, the way they come through. They always believe on his past and assume same type of obstacles for future also. It’s all about his fear behind the demotivation, for the risk has to be taken.

# There are some people who don’t care about you. We can say them selfish people. They only think for developing their purpose. For some reason you are bound to listen them.

# People having ego-problem with your attitude always they want to show you down  by demotivation.

How to get motivated from Demotivation

The motivation & demotivation exist in the same place. Both are performed by our surrounded persons. Often demotivation loose our positive energy. Right? At the same time we can get motivated.

How will this happen? Who will motivate you? I’m not answering these questions right now. You can find answers yourself.

First of all believe on your self-confidence, neglect all the negative things. Then you have to find these answers. Because nowadays nobody has the time & intention to motivate you. You have to get motivated yourself.

Motivation works like a fuel for the self-confidence you have. If you have more positive energy, you can drive your self-confidence smoothly and make a decision sharply.

I want to say the source of motivation comes from demotivation. Then how to get motivated from demotivation?

# Who is trying to demotivate you don’t believe them. With a valid reason you have to prove their decision is wrong. It depends on how strong you are in respect of self-worth.

# You can find out some positive energy from the demotivation also. Don’t get it? Yes you heard right. Just make opposite of the ‘spoken demotivated sentence’. Like ‘You can’t do it’ to ‘You can do it’. So, what it implies, you are encouraged by that person. This will drive you towards positivity.

# Always avoid the negative conversation which does not make sense. Sometimes they show you the reality they have faced, to prove your decision is wrong. At that moment what you have to do, listen to their words carefully & make a list of obstacles they suffered from. Prepare the possible solutions of these obstacles which will help you to fulfil your desire. Once you will prove they was wrong.

# Always behave well like a real human being. What you speak, it depends on how you behave. Your spoken words makes your thoughts. These thoughts drive you towards positive motive.

What’s your opinion?If you like feel free to share your comments.



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