Vision towards Value of a person

Value of a person defines how much self worth acquired by that person. If we measure our self worth our value can be determined.

Values are the core beliefs that shape the way people behave and make decisions. They provide a framework for how members treat one another and how they treat others such as potential members.

When we want to check our body weight probably we don’t assume it. With the help of a weight measuring machine we can get that. In the same way a tailor use measuring tape to prepare clothes as per standard size. That means to determine any value we use some type of metre to get the ultimate result. When it comes to measure our self worth, we use something just unreliable as a random metre.
As a human being, people used to determine their value at different moments of their life. When they feel like they are measuring up, some good feelings get generated inside them.

Despite the fact that random metre which is unreliable, had so much influence how they feel about themselves. Most people are not even conscious of what they are using to determine their self worth. But they are conscious of the fluctuations they experience in how they feel about themselves.

People used to measure their self worth in many different ways. Some of them are quite unhealthy. To share here some hazardous self worth measuring metres.

# Money and Wealth

There are many people who measure their worthiness in respect to their property and the amount of money in the banks. Sometimes they feel like the just can’t acquire enough wealth to be valuable enough. They create a facade of wealth by going deeply into dept in hopes a luxury car or a beautiful home to prove there worth through a desperate attempt. It helps them to feel good about themselves.
Will it makes sense to place a monetary value on goods and services, it does not make sense to utilise money to calculate the value as a human being. The amount of money you are or the expensive possessions you own will never be enough to feel worthy satisfication.


Many people feel valued because of their profession. Conceive quickly something like,” I am founder of ABC company”, ” I am an engineer” not because what they do, but because it’s who they are.Their career reinforces to them that they are somebody.
If base of self worth depends on a job designation, it can become very risky. A health problem, economic downturn, or unexpected shift to the job market may interfere with the career and lead to a major identity crisis.In the absence of a high profile career, you won’t be able to feel good about yourself if you always measured your self worth by your Profession.

# Appearance

Sometimes people start valuing physical appearance more than character.
When individuals in society find that they can get through life based on appearance and appearance alone, then will start to value this characteristic to help gain an edge over others without this attribute.

Unfortunately physical appearances fade, and only our characters will remain when this happens.

# Culture

Sometimes people get value through aspect of culture.The culture we live in has a great effect on the way we think. We tend to think that the habits, religious beliefs, politics and way of thinking of other nationalities is strange and that our way is better. It is not easy to step back and see ourselves as others do yet it is only by being self-critical that we can evaluate our own society sceptically.

#Religious View

Now a days it’s a common to judge people through religious view. There are different types of religion exists in this world. Religious values define what people expect of themselves and of others based on the beliefs common to the religions they practice. Such values represent the core principles that guide daily decision making. They help people determine which actions to take, and to make judgments about right or wrong and good or bad. The world’s most commonly practiced religions often have similar values, although variations exist in the way some values are prioritized over others.

#Power & Politics

People got valued after entering into politics. When they get power, corruption will become their priority and they make sure nobody should become there evidence.No one in this universe is born a thief or corrupt. It’s the circumstances that make them so. Though there is no evidence of loyal politician in the country, but there is none who took the oath of being corrupt. Everyone entered in this field were honest once and took the oath of bring honest. It’s the lust that took over their mind. But still there exist some honest leaders. It’s lust over responsibility that needs to be thrown away so that they can fulfill their oath of being honest.

Value has rules. Outside these rules, a valuable thing cannot have value. Here we must consider what we as humanity should value. This is what makes a person’s value. There are few traits of a person that makes them valuable in society.

1. Personality,2. Morality,3. Manners, 4. Can do attitude or Eagerness, 5. Positivity, 6. Piety (Devotion/ Reverence),7. Righteousness (but not self righteousness), 8. Proper Knowledge or Education,9. Biography in any form! (not just CV or Resume which may enlist tons of useless experience), 10. Level of Tolerance & Behavior with others specially the weaker ones. And 11. His/Her Time! and how they spend with them.

Do you agree?What’s your opinion let me in the comment section.


12 thoughts on “Vision towards Value of a person

  1. Thank you for writing this article. I know I have a tendency of my value based on culture, profession, appearance, and money. Sometimes I would even harm myself to define my own self-worth, which is a dangerous thing to do. It’s better to stand alone or with people who value your worth. That way everything feels like peace.

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